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Horse Riding – Horse Racing, Art of Riding & Handling a Horse

Horse riding is the art of riding and handling a horse. Horses are trained and ridden according to practical working purposes such as police work or controlling herd animals on a ranch. Horses are mainly used in transport.

Horses were primarily used in warfare, dressage, endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, driving, and rodeo. Popular competition is grouped together at horse shows, where these horses perform in a wide variety of disciplines. Horses are used for non-competitive recreational riding such as fox hunting, hacking.

Horses used in public service: in traditional ceremonies (parades, funerals) , police and volunteer mounted patrols, and for mounted search and rescue. Horses were regarded as very vulnerable to supernatural attack.

Horseback riding was practiced as far back as the Bronze Age and was thereafter adapted to commerce, industry, war, sport, and recreation. Riding as a skilled for sport developed from the style of mounted knights in the medieval period. Humans expressed a desire to know which horse was the fastest, thus the horse racing has ancient roots.

Different types of horse racing: In the steeplechasing involves racing on a track where the horses also jump over obstacles.

The most popular racing is flat racing is known as thoroughbred horse racing. American quarter horse racing-races over distances of approximately a quarter-mile. A sport in which the Arabian horse dominates at the top levels is endurance riding.

There are many other forms of horse racing seen worldwide. Most high-intensity sports that show jumping, endurance riding, eventing, rodeo, and horse racing are closely monitored by veterinarians to prevent and treat injuries. There are genuine abuses of horses that do occur.
The behavior of horse is best understood from the perspective that horses are prey animals with a well-developed flight instinct. Horse training refers to a wide variety of practices that teach horses to perform certain behaviors. Horses were trained for warfare, farm work, sport, and transport.

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